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Internal Linking Strategy For SEO: The Ultimate Guide

What Are Internal Links?

Internal links are any links on your website that link from one page to another on the same site.

Typically the term “internal link” refers to links in the body of the content.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the actual words within the link. So in the example above, the anchor text would be the words “BC Racing Coilovers”.

Why Are Internal Links Important For SEO?

  • They tell Google that the page you are linking to is important
  • They help to tell Google what the page you are linking to is about what (which is why the anchor text you use for the link is important)
  • They help to boost topical relevance on a particular topic, when you link relevant pages to the main page on that topic
  • They help to keep people on your site longer by giving them more to look at on your site
  • Spread a portion of the “link juice” from backlinks going to the first page (Page A) to the page it links to (Page B).
  • If you don’t make internal links, each of your pages are essentially a “dead end”.
  • Help users navigate
  • Making internal links when you publish a new page or post will help Google to index it faster because it will find it faster

Rules to Follow When Making Internal Links

  • Vary the anchor text – “Sydney plumber”, “plumbers in Sydney”, “Sydney plumbing services”
  • Keep pages that link together within the silo (watch my SEO Silo Website Structure video)
  • Make sure each page has at least one link to another page (the most relevant page)
  • Don’t link with the same keyword to multiple pages, that will confuse Google and cause harm
  • You only need to link once to a page from a specific page, no benefit of having 2-3 links on one page going to the same page (for example Page A linking to Page B multiple times).
  • You DO want to have multiple links from different pages going to your main pages (for example, Page A, B and C all linking to Page D), as long as they are all within the same topic.
  • Focus on making links to your main pages (usually the pages that make you the most money)
  • Always fix any broken internal links, either by updating the link, making a redirect to the appropriate current page, or removing them. (Use Google Search Console)