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Want An SEO Company Who Actually Understand the Automotive Industry?

As Both An SEO Agency & Automotive Experts, We know What Works In the Auto Industry!

Are you looking to get more customers for your automotive industry?

If so, you are in the right place.

We are an SEO agency that specialize in automotive businesses.

Having worked with at least a dozen different auto businesses, from car detailers to auto repair shops, we know exactly what works for automotive business specifically and can get you the customers you are looking for consistently and reliably!

Mateja Matic, Founder of Dominate Marketing

~Mateja Matic

Founder of Dominate Marketing

SEO Specifically For The Automotive Industry

Every industry has its specific ins and outs, and as I’m sure you know if you’ve ever used a generic agency, when people don’t understand your specific line of work, it can be frustrating.

They might not be able to produce the results you are looking for, or perhaps they get you the wrong kind of leads. Maybe they can’t properly position your business because they don’t understand who your customers are or what you are really selling.

Whatever the case may be, when you work with someone who knows the automotive industry, things go a lot smoother.

As experts in the automotive industry (as life long car guys), we understand exactly what you are selling, and to who, whether you run an auto repair shop or you sell a specific performance part.

Why Do Automotive Businesses Need SEO?

If you want to grow your automotive business, being on Google is the absolute best way to get in front of potential customers.

Not matter what kind of automotive business you run, hundreds, if not thousands of people are searching for automotive related products and services on Google every day.

These people have taken the time out of their day to go online and look for something they need, which makes them far more likely to buy than tyre kickers from Facebook (pun intended).

SEO is the best way to get in front of these people, because:

  1. You don’t rely on ad spend to get in front of them (which stops when you stop spending money)
  2. The automotive industry is not that competitive when it comes to Google, so its relatively easy to rank
  3. You build a long term asset that will bring you customers for years if you do it right

This way, you don’t have to rely on word of mouth, referrals, or god forbid Facebook ads (who will ban you at any moment), to get customers.

How We Do Automotive SEO And Why Its Better

When most people do SEO, what they do is pick out a pre-set number of keywords they think will bring in business, and then set about optimizing the site and building backlinks to rank for those keywords.

However, that’s a very short sighted approach that only somewhat works.

What we do is establish your website with “topical authority” within your niche.

When you hit topical authority, what happens is Google considers you an “authority” within a particular niche, and makes ranking extremely easy. Basically, you go straight to page 1 for almost all keywords within the niche.

How we do this is by making your website a resource that covers everything to do with what you offer.

What that means is, lets say you offer auto repair.

Of course, we will make all the necessary pages to rank for the main keywords you want to show for.

Then, we begin to write blogs and pages which target all the different searches and questions people search relating to the topic. Things like:

  • “common problems on X car models”
  • “how to do an oil change”
  • “how much does servicing cost on a X”
  • And so on

What happens here is that these people may or may not need to use your service right now, but you catch them earlier in the buying cycle, so they are much more likely to come back to you when they do need an auto repair shop.

So not only are you buying topical authority, but you are also building customer loyalty by educating people with your site. 

Plus, if they happen to realize they can’t do the job themselves, who do you think they will call?


Local SEO

Local SEO is SEO specifically for local automotive business who service a specific area, such as car details, auto repair shops, tire installers and more. If you run a local business and are looking to grow, we can definitely help.

Ecom SEO

Run an automotive ecom store and want to take advantage of all the search traffic on Google? We can get you on page 1 and help you scale exponentially.

Technical SEO

If you have a website that needs optimizing, we are able to carry out all technical SEO optimization.

SEO Audits

Want to know what you need to optimize on your automotive site? We can do an audit and give a report of all the things you need to do in order to get your website to rank.


Automotive SEO Case Studies

Automotive blog getting 27,000 visitors per month in less than a year!

Auto Electrician Getting 130 Leads Per Month With Only $400 In Adspend!

3X Organic Traffic Within 6 Months!

14X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Google Ads

Car Accident Assessor Went From 0 to 80 Leads Per Month With Only $1000 Ad Spend

Want Results Like These?

Testimonials From Our Automotive Clients

6 reviews on
The business name says it all, Dominate Marketing. Mateja and his team are experts in their field and it is so refreshing to finally find a marketing team that actually does what they say. Mateja has revived my website and ranked it much higher in a shorter amount of time. Thank you again Mateja.
Unyte Management
Unyte Management
10/10 for Mateja. He's a pro at what he does, and there's no argument to be made there. He addressed our issue directly, offering honest and straightforward suggestions. It was a great pleasure working with him as he helped us generate more leads scaling our business even more.
Peter Fam
Peter Fam
Mateja is very good at what he does. He is efficient, helpful and his service is full of value particularly given the reasonable price. I highly recommend relying on him to elevate your business' internet presence.
Sophie Bloy
Sophie Bloy
We started working with Mateja mid 2022 and were getting around 20 leads per month through our Google ads and website in the months prior. Mateja optimized our entire website and Google Ads campaign, which resulted in an increase to over 90 leads per month without increasing our ad budget. With the increased performance we were confident to spend more money on ads and explore running ads in new practice areas which allows us to bring in even more lucrative cases for our business. We highly recommend Mateja. He is reliable, full of great ideas, and gets the results.
Kevin Magee
Kevin Magee
Outstanding, Mateja revived our non functioning website back to page 1 of google. I had approached 3 other companies but Mateja stepped up and owned it and still goes beyond our expectations. We get so many comments from customers and the leads keep growing every month. Kev@AAwreckers (1998) Ltd.
David Sweas
David Sweas
We were looking to expand our service shop and our offering, going from two lifts to four in our new facility, and we hired Mateja to build a website and run our online marketing. Our previous marketing was focused on our manufacturing operation that sells overseas, we hadn’t invested much in our local service offering at that time. Over the 12 months after engaging Mateja, we had an increase of cars in the shop to about double our previous volume, and a noteworthy change in the mix across brands that we service. Mateja has been helpful as a one-stop shop helping us to market across several different digital channels, and his proactive ideas and content generation have helped us to keep up with shifts in the market.
Kiro Mladenovik
Kiro Mladenovik
Hiring Mateja’s services was the best investment I made. He improved website functionality, increased phone calls, traffic and client visits. Very happy with his services. Highly recommended

Here's Exactly What's Included When We Do Automotive SEO For You:

First and foremost we offer a marketing strategy for your business.

What we do is carefully analyze exactly what’s going on in your business, where the opportunities are, and what is not worth going after.

We discuss these with you to establish exactly what you want and what the right move is, and then formulate a marketing plan to get you the best return.

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Marketing Strategy


Search Engine Optimisation

Obviously the SEO itself is part of this service, which means your entire website will get optimised along with anything off-site that need to be done, such as:

  • Google Business (Maps) Listing
  • Backlinks
  • Business directory listings
  • Social media profile optimisation
  • Google Search Console

With our SEO service, website and landing page optimisation is always included.

If that means having to build out the whole website in a new platform (such as WordPress) to allow us to properly optimise the site and install conversion tracking, we will do it.

This allows us to make sure we are getting as many people as possible to contact you, and continually optimise it to be better and better.

This also includes general website maintenance and updates at no extra cost. 

Want to update some images? Need a new page for a new service you are offering? No worries, that’s part of the package.

(As a side note, as surprising as it is, many marketing agencies don’t actually include this with their marketing services.)


Website & Landing Page Optimisation

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is a crucial part of any marketing campaign so that you actually know if it’s working or not.

We always track all conversions (meaning leads) including form submissions, phone number clicks and email clicks.

This allows us to know exactly what is working, what isn’t, and optimise accordingly. 

Without this, you are basically working blind (most marketing agencies out there).

Having spent years learning from some of the best copywriters on the planet, we understand what it takes to get people to want to buy.

Combine that with  our experience marketing automotive businesses, we know what to say and how to say it to make your business the best option in the eyes of a potential customer.

Every page we put together is carefully and methodically written to get people to take action and contact you immediately.

That’s how you get double digit conversion rates and a very profitable marketing campaign.

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