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How to Write SEO Content That Will Outrank and Outperform Your Competitors

Writing good quality content can be really difficult for some people, especially if they’re not natural born writers, or simply have a hard time writing and it just not their thing.

However, for SEO, and for marketing in general, even if you’re running paid traffic, you need to have good quality content to actually be able to:

1. Rank The Website
2. Sell The Product or Service

This all really relies on having a good, well written “sales page” that people land on, so that they’ll read the content, and actually want to contact the business.

The real question is – How do you actually do this?

One trick of the trade that you can use to see what you need to do, is simply take a look at what the competition is doing.

That’s right. Go on Google and search the keyword you want your website to show up in the results for.

Now, have a look at the competition, open all of the websites and have a good look at their pages – how many sections they have, what are they talking about, how many headlines they have, what do the headlines say, how many words are in it (paste the content in a word counter and check how many words there are), how many images they have and so on.

You want to take note of all these things, and you want to out-do them on all of them.

Bear in mind that your writing has to be coherent, people need to read it, and it needs to be easy to read, and it needs to tell people what they want to know.

If someone is searching for a lawyer, you want to tell them why you are the best lawyer there is, (or your client, if you’re working for somebody else).

Your writing needs to be longer, you need to have more words if you want to be sure that you’re going to outrank them. Your headlines need to be formatted correctly, so mind the H1 headline. It needs to be good, it needs to be interesting so that the people will want to keep reading the rest of the page, but it also needs to contain the keywords that you want to rank for.

Same goes for H2 headlines, they should be supportive subheadings throughout the text which should have the keywords as well.

But the keywords need to be naturally in there, you don’t just stuff them in there as Google doesn’t like that, and it’s not going to read well.

The main thing you should prioritize is reading well above all else – If it doesn’t read well, people are probably just going to leave the website and you’ll lose conversions.

However, aside from that, you need to pay attention to topping the competition.

As mentioned earlier, your content needs to be longer, it needs to have at least as many headlines and sub headlines, you need to go more in depth than what they did. Also put updated information that’s newer than what they have. Get more pictures than they have. If they have one or two, you should put two or three pictures. Top them as much as you can.

If you do that with every single page of your website, every single blog post, eventually, you’re going to have the best content compared to everybody in your niche.

That’s how you get the website to rank – By being the most relevant, the most important website for that topic, with the highest quality content.

Go through your website, through every page, take a look at what your competition is doing, and make sure that you have best content out of all of them.

That’s going to make a huge difference in getting your website to rank and actually show up on page one, simple because yours is the best.